Silver Smoke
Silver Smoke

Silver Smoke

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Premium Fragrance Oil. While everything has a silver lining to it. This Scent does it all. Carrying its top, middle and base notes all the way through. Fresh, soft, breeze of linen the mind craves. The middle notes follows with the heat of warm vanilla the body craves. The base note, gives its finishing touches of sweet herbaceous all thoughts crave.

"Look beyond, for every situation has it's silver lining"

Silver Smoke(Unisex scent)

Alcohol Free Fragrance!

3 in 1 usages:

  • Message into skin(Perfume/Cologne)
  • Skin safe
  • Bath(Aroma Therapy)

Disclaimer: If skin irritation occurs discontinue use. This product is not for all potential customers. Some customers may be allergic to this product.