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Hello Valued Customers,

I'm honored to have you as a potential customer on our site. Why should you shop with us? While being an African American business owner we only comprised of 2.2% of the nation's 5.7 million employer businesses in the U.S. With such a gap of businesses in local communities this effect community training, development, self confidence and self determination. Our company welcome and support all ethnic groups in commerce and we would like your support as well. While sirfredericks.com is a online company we train local Representatives to establish professional relationships as well as selling our products. Our goal is very simple? Being an example of business excellence in our local communities. Our commitment to you with your support are community based employment, community development and training with 1% of each product sold reinvested back in that community. We welcome all  valued customers that will purchase our merchandise. Products and services are the keys to all looking to pick themselves up by our own boot straps. Sirfredericks.com is the perfect place to purchase many fine products from eyewear, apparel, accessories, old fashion premium fragrances oils and more. My journey to serve you began with myself observing other well meaning in our community selling us products and services and that income was never reinvested in our community. All profit went to benefit other community besides our own. Which is no problem. We as a people must support ourselves. We are living in a time where self preservation is at it's highest. COVID 19 pandemic is another example of having a Infrastructure in place to deliver products and services in our communities. Sir Fredericks Unlimited will give you excellent customer service and continuing to improve our business model as technology allows. Here at sirfredericks.com we are a online and direct selling retail fulfillment company. 

Feel Successful, Dress Successful, Be Successful

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